Who We Are

OPUS Pictures was founded by Lee Tae-hun in 2005. He has produced monumental Korean movies including <Sympathy For Lady Vengeance>(2004), <The Man From Nowhere>(2010), <Snowpiercer>(2013), with internationally acclaimed film directors including Park Chan-wook and Bong Joon-ho. 

OPUS Pictures have premiered more than 40 movies including <A Frozen Flower>(2008), <The Man From Nowhere>(2010), <Snowpiercer>(2013), <New Trial>(2017), <The Swordsman>(2020). Many of its works have achieved both critical and box office successes.

United Pictures founded in 2007 is an affiliate company of OPUS Pictures. Scope of Its business includes film financing, production and domestic/international distribution, film marketing and acquisition.

What We Do